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Our videos area is designed to help you understand the process of upgrading to granite countertops in your home. This, in most cases, is to replace existing countertops in an existing kitchen. Many of the same aspects are the same with new construction.

Step 1: Shopping and information gathering.

Pricing strategies and marketing techniques vary a lot. I would recommend speaking with 2-3 service providers before making your descision as with and business not all services are the same or may have differnt ways to differentiate themselves in the market place. Price may be your first concern when shopping for granite but you will find out that it will not be your last. Quality, Service and value will all play a roll as well as the education that you will learn about all the colors and qualities of stones available.

Step 2:

Ocne you have selected a granite countertop company you will begin the slab selection process. You will want to pick out the exact stone that will be put in your kitchen. Depending on the complexity of the pattern in the stone careful consideration of the layout of the countertop will be needed. A paper template and a white wax pencil will help you see how a stone is going to work for you. Consult your fabricator during this process as poteintial seam location will need to be considered.

Step 3: site prep and templating.

This is where we start to solidify the process and the costs. Lots of variable and changes and considerations have gotten you this far and now all the variables for your job should be coming into focus.

Step 4: Fabrication.

Your counter tops are now being developed specifically for your kitchen. Your one of a kind unique handmade crafted from the earth granite countertops are being created! How exciting! Local craftsman are constructing your masterpiece that you have commisions just like back in the roman days.

Step 5: Installation.

In an effort to minimize disruption in your home this is the sheduling part that you want to be on top of. When are the fabricators showing up when with the plumber be coming to reconnect the plumbing. Whos doing the tear out of your current tops and who is disposing of them. What am i going to do to feed and entertain my family while this event is going on. Depending on the complexity of the installation most homes are completed in one day or less. More complex installations may take longer. My suggestion would be to remove valuables and cabinet contents during this time as with any construction effort dust and particles can be created and mix in with personal things in the cabinets that are being worked on.

Step 6: Approval.

I suggest that you instpect the job with your sales person or onsite staff after the job is done. Go over every aspect of the job as was outlined and sign off on your satisfaction. Typically a warranty will come with your projoct but even if that was not or is not provided most craftsman will stand behind there work, no questions asked.


The video will give you a detailed overview on the slab selection process with the goal of making your visit simple, efficient, and enjoyable.

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Bob Schmidt shows you some of the things you need to know when making countertop templates for your kitchen remodeling project.

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Using a rodding blade to cut the rough side of the granite top and embedding 1/4" x 1/4" thick reebars, which prevents the counter top from cracking in front of the cook top and kitchen sink.

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Installing granite countertops takes muscle. This is typically not a DIY project in your kitchen remodel. Special equipment is used to move and support the stone prior to placement on your cabinets.

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